From Draconids to Orionids: Meteor showers to watch out for in 2018


Every year our skies are lit up by returning meteor showers, from Draconids to Lyrids, Orionids to Geminids. If the weather conditions are in our favour and the moon isn’t too bright, there’s a chance you’ll be able to see some spectacular shooting stars in action.

In October we will have the chance to see two meteor showers: Draconids and Orionids. Here is our guide to the must-see meteor showers of 2018, as well as where and how to see them.

What exactly is a meteor shower?

A meteor shower occurs when Earth passes through the debris stream occupying the orbit of a comet – or, in simpler terms, when a number of meteors flash across the sky from roughly the same point.

Meteors are sometimes called…

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